After her owner let her out to pee, this dog accidentally ran a half-marathon and came 7th


It’s easily done really. You go out to pee, you go for a little wander, and suddenly you find yourself competing in a half-marathon.

Well, it’s easily done when you’re a two-and-a-half-year-old bloodhound, who likes to roam around town.

This weekend, April Hamlin from Elkmont, Alabama, let her dog Ludivine out of the house to pee and, next thing she knew, her pet hound had come seventh in the county’s inaugural Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon.

The pup had snuck out of the back garden and made her way to the starting line of the race. She then proceeded to run the entire 13.1 mile course, crossing the finish line in seventh place, with an impressive time of 1:32.56.

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Author: Bearded Goat Trail Running Videos

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